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Overview of Programs

Gold Program

When: Grades 10 to 12

  1. The university consultant will advise the student on career planning and resume development. She will support the student in choosing the most effective activities to get involved in during high school that enable the candidate to put forward a successful university application.
  2. The student and consultant will discuss and agree on 5 US universities to apply to, which are best suited to the student’s profile.
  3. The university consultant will proofread all essays and make recommendations necessary to apply to 5 US universities.
  4. The consultant will then assist the student to complete the online application and provide the additional documents required – the school profile and fee waiver.
  5. The student will receive support in the preparation for potential interviews. A wide range of examples of interview questions will be provided to the student, in addition to one mock-interview together.
  6. After receiving the admission offers, the consultant will assist the student in making the most informed decision and negotiate the scholarship amount, if necessary.

Platinum Program

When: Grades 10 to 12

The Platinum Program includes all the features of the Gold Program with the addition of support in the successful application to a premium US summer camp. Choosing the right summer camp, based on the student’s university application, is very important in the admissions process. While not essential, attending the right summer camp can significantly strengthen their application and give them a competitive advantage over other students when applying to top US universities. These programs are very competitive, and spaces are limited.

Summer camp applications include several essays and usually one or two recommendations. Examples of summer camps our students have attended in the past include the programs organized by Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell and Duke.

The Admissions Process

The Admissions process includes the following stages:

Preparing the student for the English section of the SAT and the TOEFL exam. So far, all of Raluca’s students have scored in the top 10 percentile* in the world. Many of the students that have worked with her were ranked in the top 1% in the world.

Coaching students to find fields they are passionate about and explore their interests by applying to, and pursuing extracurricular activities.

Devising the best application strategy: choosing the universities most suited to the students’ profiles, putting together the best application files and writing strong application essays. “I do not write essays for my students, I help them deliver the best work they are capable of, while setting them up for future success.”


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