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For all subjects and universities we offer specialized programs.

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We assist prospective students throughout the process, from preparation through graduation. Each program is custom-tailored to the student’s particular needs.


Application Build Up

Application Support

Application Support: Specialist subjects

Application Support: Oxford and Cambridge

Application Build Up

This program consists of a 2- hour orientation meeting and a minimum of 6 individual meetings with one of our specialist UK university consultants. These individual meetings will focus on:

– helping students cultivate their interests through a wide range of interactive activities

– identifying and exploring which courses/universities would be best suited to the student.

– developing a very strong academic profile through subject-specific readings, online courses, extra-curricular activities, volunteering, and much more.

The university consultant will set a timeline and action plan for the student, reviewing the progress during and after each individual meeting.

When the Application Build-up program is finished, the student will be clear on their course/subject selection, target universities, and have completed the necessary activities to begin writing their UCAS personal statement.

Application Support

The Application Support Program consists of a 2-hour orientation and a minimum of 10 individual sessions with one of our specialist UK university consultants who will provide complete support throughout the UCAS application process.

Your specialist consultant will be on hand to help you brainstorm ideas, share best practices and review an unlimited number of drafts of the personal statement before submission. In most cases, the personal statement is reviewed by another consultant as an additional check. 

Once you have received your offers and exam results, our team will be on hand to support the student and family in making the most informed decision. Included is support for scholarship applications, interview preparation, and if necessary contacting universities to resolve any issues to do with the application. 

Application Support: Specialist Subjects

For specialist subjects such as Art, Design, Music, Architecture, Medicine, Drama, and Veterinary Science students will need to prepare additional application material, supplementary interviews, and/or preparatory examinations in order to gain admission to these highly competitive programs.

This program is inclusive of all the services provided by the Application Support program with the addition of specialist support from an expert consultant in each designated field.

To find out more specific details in your chosen subject area please reach out to us.

Application Support: Oxford and Cambridge

The Oxford and Cambridge program is for students who have considerable academic ability, considered one of the top students in their year group, and/or have considerable international achievements in at least one or two subject-areas. 

Students will have completed the relevant profile strengthening activities and subject selections as part of the Application Build Up package. As part of the program, we assess a student’s suitability for an Oxford or Cambridge application.

The core of the collaboration with a specialist Oxbridge consultant will be focused on developing a personal statement strong enough for an Oxford and Cambridge application. This program will also provide full support for any additional pre-entry examinations and interviews by an experienced specialist.

Included in this package are at least 10 individual sessions with the specialist Oxbridge and a minimum of three hours of interview practice. 




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Your Application

While Our Application  Build Up program provides our clients with an individual action plan, we would like to offer some general advice on increasing your chances of being accepted by a prestigious university.


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