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Future Self is an Academic Life Coaching program for middle and high school students to improve their academic performance, emotional growth, Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and cultivate interests into passions.

Future Self adheres to international coaching guidelines.

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The traditional ALC literature was created by John Andrew Williams in 2004. John’s ALC program was originally intended to be delivered over 3 months covering each topic in the ALC curriculum in 10 sessions.

Future Self with PRECIS

Our coaches are professionally trained to use proven life coaching strategies to empower students to be independent learners.

The coaching approach of inquiry-based questions focuses on students finding the solution independently, learning the skills to overcome lifes challenges, developing values/perspectives, empathy, resilience and more.


Data Driven Evidence

The Future Self program has its foundations in data driven evidence.

The analyzed data gives the coach and client the maximum chance of success in the jointly chosen actions.

We use a variety coaching strategies to improve student AQ and  large toolbox of learning strategies to equip students to succeed in their studies.

Typical Session Structure

A typical session starts with a check in, revision of action points, grade and habits entry, agenda for the session, focused coaching or a learning strategy demonstration finishing with measurable actions for next week.

  • Check in – 10 minutes
  • Revision of Action Points – 5 minutes
  • Grade and Actions Entry – 5 minutes
  • Agenda – 5 minutes
  • Focused Coaching or Learning Workshop – 25 minutes
  • Setting measurable actions – 10 Minutes
  • Total – 60 Minutes

More About the Future Self Program

Future Self

Benefits of Life Coaching


Adaptability Quotient (AQ)

Evidence-based Learning

Actions vs Grades

Student Monitoring

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